Our Services

Sales As A Service

We offer businesses a complete array of sales services for global market. The services includes own sales staff, subject matter experts, partner network from identifying and closing of deal. High Quality relationship with current and potential clients.

Consulting Services

Participate in various events, conclaves and forums to understand the market requirements. Maintain relationship with current customers and manage the expectations for further business opportunities.

System Integrator

We are helping our customers implement their product and services. We have proven record of implementing solution in remote locations of end customer. Our expertise to implement products in remote locations

Support and Maintenance

Managing after Sales support, AMC with defined SLA. We provide on-site and remote product support teams in all industries that we cater. Manage spare parts inventory for our customers so end customers does not miss SLA.

Bring your product and services under single umbrela of development, sale, implement and support.

We Serve

Banking and Finance

Retail Petroleum

Software Development



Consumer Goods




If you are one of these companies and need support on development of product, selling of product or service, implementation and after sales support, then it will be our privalladge to work togehter to achieve your goal.

Our Global Reach

We can help you push your products around the globe, below are some of the countries where we are strong and have presence.

Sales As A Service (SAAS)
Help Perform End to End Sales 80%
Business Development 80%
Project Management
End to End Project Delivery 60%
Support and Maintenance
Support, maintenance and AMC contracts 60%