sales as a service

Your Global Sales Partner

Sales as a service (saas)

We offer businesses a complete array of sales services for global market. The services includes own sales staff, subject matter experts, partner network from identifying and closing of deal. High Quality relationship with current and potential clients.

Global Sales Teams

Our teams in various part all over the world, with expertise in Asia Pacific region will help you sell your products in regions you may not have expertise to sell in.


We have experts in various industries on board who will identify the opportunity and close the sale or deal.

Value Proposition

We provide flexible value proposition with fix cost, variable cost and sales commission for its sales organization.


We have competitive edge based on cultivating existing customer relationships.


A comprehensive and detailed marketing and sales strategy, cover in depth in a separate marketing plan.


Complete sales structure, processes and reporting will help gain more end customers for our clients.


Kloden Technologies works with particular companies of products and service providers which have good solution but do not have reach in the market. Kloden Technologies use its sales team to find products and services for these companies.

Sales is an ART

Sales is an Art but it also a process. We at Kloden Technologies provide complete details on sales process for our customers and their end customers in order to provide required products and services. Unlike your resellers or distributor, Kloden technologies sales staff will represent you to end customer or consumer so the product or services are delivered with more authority and reliability.

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